National Broadband Network Speed Tiers

Tier 1

  • up to 12Mbps Download
  • up to 1Mbps Upload
  • The NBN standard speed rate. Commonly used by most homes and single subscribers. This will provide regular browsing for a single user or a single home device.

Tier 2

  • up to 25Mbps Download
  • up to 5Mbps Upload
  • The second level speed tier is good for homes with a few online users, and homes with more than one device. This is also good for a moderate-use single subscriber.

Tier 3

  • up to 50Mbps Download
  • up to 20Mbps Upload
  • This third level speed tier is recommended for moderate to heavy online activity such as internet TV, online gaming, streaming, and other large data consumption; Also suitable for multi-user users.

Tier 4

  • up to 100Mbps Download
  • up to 40Mbps Upload
  • This is the maximum NBN speed rate that is currently available for residential and commercial business use. Perfect for heavy internet users, business owners, and tech enthusiasts looking to surf the net at unbelievably fast speeds.