NBN at the retail level continues to sell and reach many locations. Getting the NBN for home or business has quite a few options today. Retailer service providers have made bundles, NBN products, and tie-ins that enhance and add to the NBN experience. There are also burgeoning NBN products and Industries to look forward to, once the whole network has covered most of Australia, and even beyond.

These products and industries have their own custom settings, items, and bundles for certain subscribers with a primary activity or device with the backing of the speed and power of the NBN. We have five of the most promising we can expect in the Aussie market sometime soon.

Remote Telecommunications (and beyond)

Scenarios such as needing telecommunications but being stuck in the outback, or getting online information in remote, rural, and distant areas don’t have to mean impossible anymore. Today NBN is increasingly available from outside major city territories with no hassles. This means more business for providers and suppliers, and possibly more for mobile device and computer sales.


Phones can easily call and ask for help and directions, as well as get a quick reference online when needed. With Satellite NBN, Fixed Wireless NBN and other possible formats available in these areas, there are no worries for telecommunications and access to information at any time, no matter how far.

One other major development: wider participation of rural and remote area people. Businesses and companies from these areas can now advertise and promote online, and new markets from these online activities are opening up. Telecommunications also follow suit and complement the rise of fast NBN services by improving communications to and from these far reaching areas. This has proven to be key developments for business, daily life, education, and entertainment for these areas.

Remote Area Online Advertising

One other major development from opening up business and telecommunications markets in remote areas is increased advertising revenue. Although not yet felt on a major scale, the effects are beginning to show with increased communications and online activities coming from recent and newly connected online users from these areas. Before, those in rural areas have almost zero involvement when it comes to business and daily life activities. NBN now heavily involves them in nationwide online activities.


Advertising revenue comes from both advertisers from these areas and from outside. This brings in products and services from these areas to a bigger market, and this may include food, specialty items, raw materials and supplies. In return, major businesses have even wider options to choose from by opening new markets and sources from outside major cities, creating equal business opportunities for both groups.

Cloud based online education

NBN could be the only option for distance learning paired with Cloud services. This combination allows for no fixed schedules and learn-at-your-own pace educational programs for online applications.

Home / Mobile / Remote area Education can become a field by which NBN can fully sponsor the connection.

This will help establish many online education tools and services. In the future, classrooms can be highly mobile, and even handheld, eliminating traditional school locations, schedules, and settings, which would revolutionise education in general.

Instructional videos, downloadable lessons, documents, uploading of school work, artwork, live video training, and many formats: these can be all stored in the Cloud and accessed easily and conveniently. With NBN, they can be accessed, streamed or downloaded anytime, and all regardless of time zones or locations.

Another factor to add to this would be the growing remote, rural, and offshore locations that have NBN in some form, which officially extends the network and allows all sorts of education and learning across miles with the same level and quality offered in the major cities.

Mobile Devices and apps for Personal and Health services

NBN’s speed and reliability are features that are totally in line with many mobile and personal devices and tablets that have personal and health based apps and services. Smart watches, mobile phones, tablets, and possibly smart cameras and other personal devices will benefit from these systems.


The most promising is the current advanced medical services used with smart watches and smartphones / phablets. They are the new fitness assistants, nurses, and health advisors. They also provide a clear, direct line to doctors and professionals without any need for travel. Health metrics and fitness information are easily and conveniently collected, analysed, and documented. They can also be sent to doctors, from which timely or even instant feedback can be received.

4K / HDTV / Livestream / Gaming

HD Resolution viewing and entertainment has already gained a large market following. The perfect broadband format for this is NBN, which allows steady streams of HD videos and content with no issues of buffering, long loads, or clipped videos. This includes other livestream / live content in HD or even 4K with no loading issues associated with other normal broadband services. More nontraditional channels can be expected, including but not limited to live sports and action streaming services.


This has given way to more retail packages that feature Internet TV and HDTV applications that are different from the traditional Cable TV services. Internet TV is on-demand and doesn’t follow any schedules, giving the most flexibility to viewers, with most of the content in HD and more and more coming in 4K or other higher equivalents. Netflix services expanded in Australia and New Zealand from March last year, and despite strong gains, it is facing growing local competition. In a bid to garner customers, we expect more quality multimedia content using the properties of NBN.

Gaming also continues to thrive with NBN. Although most bundles feature only Xbox and PlayStation bundles, these continue to be top selling. They also carry exclusive bonuses and freebies from time to time. While there are no computer and PC based player bundles, gaming relies heavily on many NBN connections for better than usual gaming with no lags, stops, or latency issues.