What to Expect:

Although fairly new, NBN or the National Broadband Network promises to deliver lightning speed internet access across wide areas. It is also known in some instances as Fibre to the Home, referring to the fibre-optic technology used for residential connections, which in turn is connected to the fibre network outside the residence.

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Right now it is still on its expansion phase, meaning the next upcoming years will see big developments and widened coverage areas, as service providers continue to increase NBN presence in the high speed internet stakes. With many other high speed and broadband formats available, what can subscribers expect when choosing this ultra-fast internet format? And what kind of bundles can they go for, to take advantage of this fast growing online connection? Here are three main NBN plans widely available and what they really offer.

The Internet TV bundle

One effective way of taking advantage of an ultra-high speed internet plan is to bundle it with something that directly uses it. An HD Internet TV for example, is one of iPrimus’ current offers in an exclusive bundle. Just attach it to any internet TV box and it will deliver prime Internet TV through the power of the connection.

With this type of service, Internet TV is optimised to provide seamless streaming multimedia and a huge number of available films, movies, video-on –demand material and lots of online content direct to the home TV. It is also an always-on ultra high speed internet service when the TV is not in use, continuing to provide for the computer, phone or tablet in addition to any other devices that are connected to the home network.

Home Phone Bundles

Those who want to cut costs with their home phones can get this bundle and use VOIP phone or voice over internet phone instead, and have both fast internet and broadband VOIP service in just one bundle and monthly rate. This is also perfect for those with no home phones and would be getting the service installed.

Phone bundles are also not new to businesses with large telecommunication demands, and there are matching business bundles that take care of large-scale high speed internet plus phones specifically for wide scale and business use. This is widely used for telecommunication companies and those with customer service, tech support and even BPO based businesses and operations, providing mass bundles for both services.

A Fixed Wireless Connection

Although still new, a fixed wireless NBN service provides fast and powerful mobile broadband services as well, matching the 4G LTE format for smartphones and mobile phones. It is compatible with wireless FTTH or Fibre to the Home connections which would provide a local network that includes the connections for mobile devices. This connection will only be limited to the premises as far as the wireless connection can provide.